Welcome to the airport in Crete island, Greece.

chania airport

airport-entranceChania Airport, otherwise known as Souda Airport, is the second larger airport in Crete Island, Greece. It is located 10 Km East of Chania City, on the north west of Crete.

It has been operating since 1937 and serves 1,5 million passengers a year flying to either domestic or international destinations.

It is one of two international airports on the island of Crete, the other is Heraklion Airport. The airport in Chania is a much better option if you are heading for the West of Crete.

The IATA code used to refer to the Chania Airport is CHQ. All passenger flights are located in one terminal. Chania is a military airport and photography is generally not allowed. It is named after Ioannis Daskalogiannis, a Cretan rebel against Ottoman rule in the 18th century and is a joint civil – military airport.

Important Clarification: Chania is also spelled Khania, Hania and other variations.

Flights to Chania

Domestic Flights

Domestic flights (to Athens and a few to Thessaloniki) run throughout the year (there are about 6 to 10 Athens flights a day run by Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines).

Charter Flights

Most charter flights to European destinations run from late April or early May to the end of October.

You can travel to Chania, Crete from anywhere in the world via Athens, the capital of Greece. The distance from Athens is about 307 Km and air time from Athens to Chania is about an hour.